Writing an army commendation medal

Evaluation reports are among the most important documents you're likely to encounter during your military career. That single sheet of paper affects your chances for promotion, your assignment options, training opportunities, and your entire future in the military. No other document has as much effect on your career or your life. If you're the ratee, make sure that if your supervisor asks for input or bullet comments for your NCOER that you provide as much as you can.

Writing an army commendation medal

Robert Yeomans

He lost his father in his preschool years to an industrial accident and was raised by his mother and grandparents. He attended local schools and worked part time in his grandfather's construction company. He tired of school and left to seek a trade, his last prewar job being in the sheet metal fabrication business.

The nation was at war and Frank enlisted in the United States Navy in September ofreporting to Newport, Rhode Island for basic seaman's training.

writing an army commendation medal

In preparation for crew assignments he attended 4 weeks of radar schooling followed by 7 weeks of electrical training. On the 23rd of January the U. Denver sailed for the South Pacific. It was so badly shot up that at wars end it was retired and sold for scrap.

From the beginning of its actions, to the vary last; on hand was Seaman Frank Fabbri. Discharged on the 23rd of December Frank returned to his beloved Litchfield having been awarded the following decorations: Later in life Frank was awarded the Connecticut Wartime Service ribbon.

He gained employment in Waterbury and acquired state certification in electrical contracting and in he opened Litchfield County Electric. Frank like many of this Nation's "Greatest Generation" came home went to work, raised a family, paid his bills, stayed on the right side of the law and sought to help his fellow man.

Frank's life was altered and shaped by his service. His devotion to his U. Denver crew mates and what they stood for never left his subconscious. The bonds formed by war, and how a man reacts is sometimes a mystery.

Frank's reaction was positive and assertive. He took it upon himself to ensure the American Flag was always displayed correctly. To ensure respect was paid where respect was earned.

writing an army commendation medal

To ensure communism and this nation enemies were pointed out, that the underdog got a fair shake. That the law was obeyed, but closest to his heart was his need to help his fellow veterans.

Charles H. Lewis

He taught young people flag etiquette organized and championed Channel 5 Veterans cable T. He belonged to and participated in no less than four local veteran's organizations, and the list goes on and on.

He spent countless hours at the Bantam Cemetery, cleaning, spraying, weeding and decorating with appropriate flags each and every veteran's grave. But maybe, just maybe, it is this very program, The "Veteran of the Month" program, which he and Marcel Roy founded that will be his legacy.

After all, he filled out his application to be honored by this program in some 16 years before his death. Frank was taken from his community and family on the 5th day of June Granddaughter Taylor Komisar authored a poem in honor of her grandfather and will honor us with a presentation.

He may no longer be with us but his loyal dedicated, Patriotic sprit will continue to grace other Veteran's, friends and family members for life times to come.

PDSA Dickin Medal - PDSA

John Lilley, Post 44 Commander.The medal recognizes community support over time; job details or tasks are not considered volunteer service. Volunteer service must be significant in nature, produce tangible results, and reflect favorably on.

History buffs will love this list of prominent Bronze Star Medal winners, which includes almost every Bronze Star Medal recipient since the award's inception, with photos. Citation for Award of the JOINT SERVICE COMMENDATION MEDAL 13 February SENIOR AIRMAN ., United States Air Force, distinguished himself my meritorious service from March to March , while serving in the Operations Organization of the National Security Agency.

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The Army Commendation Medal The documents listed below are all you need for submitting an Army Commendation Medal package. The ARCOM is awarded to any member of the Armed Forces of the United States who distinguishes himself or herself by heroism, meritorious achievement or .

Award Writing Made Easy Coast Guard Meritorious Team Commendation Coast Guard Achievement Medal Coast Guard Commendation Medal Coast Guard Meritorious Service Medal From: Commandant.

To: BM1 Jack J. Frost, 45 , USCG.

Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal Citation Examples

SUBJ: LETTER OF COMMENDATION. 1. I note with pride and am pleased to commend you for your performance of duty while.

3 AWARDS AND DECORATIONS PROGRAM GENERAL: The Awards and Decorations Program offers a great opportunity to recognize outstanding personnel for meritorious service, outstanding achievement, or heroism. The program objective is to foster morale, incentive, and esprit de corps. The Ministry of Defence Medal Office issues medals to currently serving members of the armed forces, veterans and MOD employees. If you are a member of other services, such as the fire, police or. Navy Eval, Award, and other Writing Examples. Home; Awards; Navy Achievement Medal; The Navy and Marine Corps Commendation medal may be awarded to any person who, while serving in any capacity with the Navy or Marine Corps (including foreign military personnel), distinguishes himself/herself by heroic or meritorious .
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