The tabernacle

What was the tabernacle of Moses? The overall shape of the tabernacle of Moses followed traditional structures of the time. It consisted of an outer court, approximately seventy-five feet wide by one hundred and fifty feet long, with a fifteen-foot by forty-five-foot structure in the back Exodus

The tabernacle

Brother Green crossed over to be with the Lord on August 20, Our ministry is based on the Bible and has been greatly affected by the biblical teachings of Brother William Marrion Branham.

We are not a place of perfect people.

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We have no holiness or merits of our own to present to the Lord Jesus, but we are trusting in His grace, in His redemption, in His sacrifice that He made on Calvary for our sins. We have no membership, only The tabernacle. For those who would like to visit Tucson Tabernacle, you may find our service times and location under Worship Services.

We also have a few Sermons available for listening to or downloading. The new edition has 55 photographs within its pages. Brother Pearry Green released the first copies of his book on October 15, As an eyewitness and a friend of Brother William Branham, Brother Green took several nights in to give a series of testimonies to his congregation at Tucson Tabernacle.

Unknown to him, a group of them were transcribing the testimonies and making mimeographed copies of them. These testimonies were first published and distributed in December as a mimeographed book.

A Picture of “Good things to Come” A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. The tabernacle was a sacred tent where God’s presence dwelt among Israel as they journeyed through the desert from Egypt to . Tabernacle Township Carranza Road, Tabernacle, New Jersey () / Fax () Powered By Revize LoginRevize Login. Abundant Life is a group of Jesus followers after the heart of God, and the souls of men. We are passionate about worship, evangelism, and discipleship!

When this book was ready to print, another brother who had sold a piece of real estate donated the money toward printing the first edited edition of the book. Sincetens of thousands of copies have been distributed across the world in several languages.

If you would like a copy mailed to you, please send your mailing address, the quantity of books you would like shipped to you, along with your donation to Tucson Tabernacle.

Sorry, no credit cards.

The tabernacle

Since the postage varies greatly for shipping to an international address, please contact Tucson Tabernacle for the suggested donation amount for your location.

Available from Tucson Tabernacle Spanish:The City Tabernacle Baptist Church a community of people who are growing in their love for God, their love for Gods Word, their love for each other and their love for the world in which God has placed them. The Brooklyn Tabernacle is a multicultural, non-denominational church in Downtown Brooklyn known for prayer, teaching and music.

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Welcome to Enon Tabernacle, A Place Where People Encounter God. Join us as we worship God and offer a Christ-centered Biblically based ministry. Moses erected the tabernacle and laid its sockets, and set up its boards, and inserted its bars and erected its pillars.

The tabernacle

Now in the first month of the second year, on the first day of the month, the tabernacle . This place is a holy place unto GOD, the people love you thru everything, the dint judge the help, I can't just choose one person these lovely people have loved me, helped me, cried with me, been my strength, seen me at my worst and loved me anyway so yes these /5(94).


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