My ambition to become a sports man

I have taken up science and hygiene as optional subjects. When I joint college, I shall take up medical group.

My ambition to become a sports man

My Ambition My Ambition: If wishes were horses, everyone would like to ride. In fact, many of the wishes of the people die in their budding stage. Still man cannot give up ambitions. My ambition in life is to become a great scientist.

A scientist has nothing else to think except how he should use science for the benefit of mankind. Even during my childhood, I used to think of many problems concerning science.

Do the plants live like human beings? Are the human beings better than all the animals of the world? Are all diseases of human beings curable? This flood of questions used to arise in my mind and I used to feel disturbed when I did not get any reasonable explanation.

I am not hungry for fame. Rather I think that fame is like a bubble which can burst on anyway. I want to see human beings leading a comfortable life. It is for this very purpose that I want to carry out some research in the domain of medicine. I want to make a special study of the disease concerning heart.

I think that heart is just a pumping station and can easily be replaced. I think it is my childish curiosity that makes me to belittle the efforts of the scientists.

I wish I get the noble prize in the field of science for my country. Sometimes I think that this is an idle dream.

Still my imaginations refuse to accept this as a mere wishful thinking. I become conscious of my purpose. I started thinking that those who get noble prizes are also human beings.

My ambition to become a sports man

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