How to write a briefing note bc government liquor

And more important, an example of how things could work if the province switches to proportional representation following a referendum later this year.

How to write a briefing note bc government liquor

The overpaying of commissions was discovered in March. A briefing note prepared for Justice Minister Suzanne Anton — who had been the minister responsible for the liquor file until she was replaced in July — says the overpayments were due to a "system error.

The note says the branch has been overpaying "over the years" and the total value is in the seven-figure range, though it does not provide specifics. She went on to ask Ms. Oakes how much the error had cost and what the government planned to do about it. Oakes, in response, said, "We have a plan.

We are in transition. Story continues below advertisement Story continues below advertisement "We are working through opportunities to ensure that consumers in British Columbia have the choice that they have clearly asked for," she said.

The minister later told reporters she was confident the problem had been resolved and it would have made little sense to try to recoup the money — though she did not disclose the value of the overpayments.

The minister said she has requested a technical briefing on the matter. The briefing note says the commission exists because the commercial winery is selling on behalf of the Liquor Distribution Branch and incurs the cost of delivering product. The note says that once the error was discovered some wineries suggested the wholesale commission rate should be increased, to ensure the same amount of money was being paid out.

how to write a briefing note bc government liquor

Tyabji requested the wholesale commission rate be increased from 7 per cent to 8. The branch rejected that request.

Tyabji could not be reached for an interview.“How To” Manuals. How To Write Briefing Notes; How To Write Ministerial Correspondence; the government member uses notes only when responding to the supplementary (second) question.

• We’re registered as a supplier with BC Bid; the federal Supplier Registration Information.

how to write a briefing note bc government liquor

BRIEFING NOTE FOR INFORMATION PREPARED FOR: Honourable Rich Coleman, Minister of Natural Gas Development British Columbia; engage the local communities in the process; and to establish a long-term air The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) will consist of government, academic and industry.

2. Jeff Lucas, Cascadia Liquor to provide more information regarding Retail Liquor Policy changes. 3.

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Briefing Note: 5. th Street Complete Streets Pilot Project 4. Memo: User Fee Rates – Suites in Single Family Dwellings local government detailed resolution as outlined in Appendix 1. However, the Ontario Liquor Board Employees’ Union has been running a successful campaign against privatizing the LCBO, and at same time, National Union of Public and General Employees threw its full support behind a campaign to stop government of from privatizing the phenomenally-profitable Liquor Control Board of Ontario.

This briefing note is intended to address the PPP associated with beverage alcohol products sold in BC Liquor Stores and distributed in BC. It appears as though the LDB may also be a “producer” as per the following definition of the.

BRIEFING NOTE. PREPARED FOR: forfeiture come from police agencies in BC. A portion of forfeited funds is o Grants provide the government with the opportunity to .

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