Exemplification essay black men and public space

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Exemplification essay black men and public space

Brent Staples in his writing of this essay shows us how a well-educated man gets discriminated against for just walking. Staples shows many examples of how many types of white Americans show racism stringing from the police to a random person walking.

It also shows how ignorant and how stupid people can be just to judge quickly. Brent Staples shows us that no matter how hard we work or earn, many white Americans will always prejudge all blacks in the same manner. Brent Staples was a smart individual his credentials spoke for him.

There was just one problem described in this essay and it is the color of Staples skin. She categorized Staples just by the way he looked and ran for the nearest place she thought was safe just because a young black male was walking on the same street.

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This powerful introduction sets the stage for the road of judgment that we as blacks let it be male or female still go through in the 21th Century right here in the United States.

The unwieldy inheritance is one that no black man or woman can handle themselves. The thought in the back of every white man and women head when they see a black male in specific is they are Cooper 2 going to get raped, mugged, or robbed. When in reality that male is just trying to get home from a long day of work or going to get something from the store for his children.

This inheritance was started way back before we were even thought about. It was also never end until we as a black community phase out the ones that cannot walk down the street without putting their hands on someone or something.

We as a black community have to get smarter and out think the white man instead of taking what is not ours. Something that Staples states in his essay he was very educated and was going back to learn more when some of these situations happened.

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Staples at a very young age must have thought to himself that I must go and further my education past high school or I will just become another statistic.

The ignorance of such Caucasian Americans just does not stop with the common one you will find just walking on the street. It stretches from the lowest holding no power to many that do hold power.

Exemplification essay black men and public space

Staples gave us two examples of this in his essay. The first being an incident with him coming into the magazine office that he worked at and being mistaken as a burglar.

Staples described how he had to rush to the nearest person who could identify him as working in the office. His own office manager showed prejudgment on him and worked in the office. Just because with him being a black male he did not fit the status quo to be in that office without questioning.

This shows you how Caucasians will use for what they need and not even claim you when the rubber meets the road. The next incident was one that Brent Staples witness with his own eyes. The officers asked no questions or asked for credentials which the man had readily to show. These officers mad a poor judgment call that now a day could get them sued for millions of dollars.

Luckily the reporter had his identification or he would have been hauled to jail for something he had nothing to do with. Cooper 3 America is such a judgmental place.

Exemplification essay black men and public space

No man or woman showed have to alter their space because people make them feel uncomfortable or like a bad human being. Racism is still alive and well today as it was in the 19th Century when slavery was being abolished.

Many just sweep the issue under the carpet, but the truth is that we should vacuum that carpet clean. Cooper 4 Works Cited The Works Cited section of your paper should list all the works that you have cited in your text.

See chapter 4 of the MLA handbook for instructions on preparing the list of works cited.Download thesis statement on Black Men and Public Spaces in our database or order an original thesis paper that will be written by one of our staff writers and delivered according to the deadline.

Thesis Statement Essay Sample. Staple’s essay “Black Men and Public Space” uses autobiography, observation, and reflection to explain how stereotyping is common in today’s world.

Brent Staples’ essay titled ‘Just walk on by: A black man ponders his power to alter public space’ is an outstanding piece of minority literature of the twentieth century. Not only is the essay a high quality literary work, the point the author makes is also highly relevant to blacks and other ethnic minorities.

In Brent Staples personal essay "Black Men and Public Space" () Staples depicts the physiological effects that determine how a person thinks and acts based on a stereotype about black . Oct 11,  · There is one edit early on as we are not using sophisticated equipment. Black People And The Civil War Black People In Usa Black Men and Public Spaces Public Service Announcements: Does Deception in Advertising Affect the Public's Intent to Donate?

black men and public space black people black people Modern politics and public life are about the management of visibility and the mobilisation of public opinion.

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