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Essays about the world

Support Aeon Donate now I am bone of the bone of them that live in trailer homes. I know her by her teeth. Pennsatucky — a scrappy slip of a woman menacing, beating and proselytising to fellow inmates — stole the show during the first season of the Netflix prison series.

But amid an ensemble cast of similarly riveting, dangerous characters, it was her grey, jagged teeth that shocked viewers into repulsed fixation. In my life, Pennsatucky and Essays about the world teeth are entirely familiar. She was just 35 when I was born, so I Essays about the world her as a radiant thing; at the downtown courthouse, where I tagged along — babysitters are expensive — attorneys turned flirtatious near her green eyes, long limbs and shiny, natural-blonde bob.

Then at night, in her farmhouse or the tiny brick house we fixed up in a rough Wichita neighbourhood, I watched her take out her teeth, scrub them with a rough brush, and drop them into a cup of water with a fizzy tablet.

In the early s, a dentist had pried every one of her teeth, too far gone or too expensive to save, from her something skull.

Essays about the world

As I was growing up, the story fluctuated — she was in a car accident, her natural teeth just fell out, and so on. Now I think it was pretty stupid, but at the time it was really painful, and I thought I was doing the right thing. Inthe New York State Dental Journal reported that while only one-tenth of general physician costs were paid out of pocket, nearly half of all dental costs were settled directly by patients.

This reflects spending by the uninsured but also those sharing costs with coverage providers; most plans cover routine cleanings but leave patients to pay for 20 to 50 per cent of fillings, crowns and other big-ticket visits.

Those on Medicaid find that few dentists participate in the programme due to its low payout. And more than 45 million people in the US live in areas, often rural or impoverished, with dentist shortages, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services. But its omission of dental coverage, a result of political compromise, is a dangerous, absurd compartmentalisation of health care, as though teeth are apart from and less important than the rest of the body.

It was lack of insurance, lack of knowledge, lack of good nutrition About a decade ago, at the age of 50, my dad almost died when infection from an abscessed tooth poisoned his blood and nearly stopped his heart.

He has never had dental insurance and has seen a dentist only a handful of times when some malady became unbearable. Inaccording to the US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, dental issues caused aboutemergency-room visits and almost 13, inpatient hospital stays.

It was lack of insurance, lack of knowledge, lack of good nutrition — poverties into which much of the country was born. Often, bad teeth are blamed solely on the habits and choices of their owners, and for the poor therein lies an undue shaming.

See the hugely successful blog People of Walmart that, through submitted photographs, viciously ridicules people who look like contemporary US poverty: Upper-class supremacy is nothing new.

White Trash and the Boundaries of Whiteness It was a matter of income and ancestry more than colour. Such marginalisation can make you either demonise the system that shuns you or spurn it as something you never needed anyway. When I was a kid and no one in the family had medical or dental insurance, Dad pointed out that those industries were criminal — a sweeping analysis that, whether accurate or not, suggested we were too principled to support the racket rather than too poor to afford it.

I had moments of cool clothes and good haircuts, too, and I was a confident child who earned friends and accolades. But I still think of the boy who handed me a dessert cup from his lunch box every day when a mix-up in the free-lunch programme left me without a meal card for months.

He pulled from my skull the greyed tooth, cracked perfectly down the middle Common throughout those years was a pulsing throb in my gums, a shock wave up a root when biting down, a headache that agitated me in classrooms.

While they looked OK, my baby teeth were cavity-ridden. Maybe it was the soy formula in my bottle when they were growing in, or the sugary cereals to which my brain later turned for dopamine production in a difficult home.

But richer teeth faced the same challenges. The primary reason my mouth hurt was lack of money. Once, around third grade, an upper molar that had menaced beyond all — the worst toothache I ever had — finally rotted so thoroughly that it cracked in half while still in my jaw.

Mom took me to the dentist, somehow. He pulled from my skull the greyed tooth, cracked perfectly down the middle, and let me take it home. For years, I kept the two pieces in a tiny jewellery box, sometimes taking them out and joining them like interlocking sides of the heart-shaped friendship necklaces I coveted.

Around that time, I had my jaw X-rayed for the first time. The results were grim. We were at the outset of a post-divorce period that would include much moving and a slew of partial-coverage dental insurance plans: Each time the policy changed, Mom had to find a new dentist who would accept our coverage.

Essays about the world

There would, of course, be no saving for braces. My baby teeth were slow to fall out, their replacements slow to grow in.State, Space, World collects a series of Lefebvre’s key writings on the state.

Making available in English for the first time the as-yet-unexplored political aspect of Henri Lefebvre’s work, it contains essays on philosophy, political theory, state formation, spatial planning. Index of Essays on First World War Medicine Essays are classified under one of three broad categories: Biography, Medicine, and Military Medical Operations.

For example, an essay on trench fever can be found under the category, Medicine. essay about caring for others articles on auteur theory essays how to write a cover page for a research paper essay on road safety and my responsibility at home introduction for observation essay.

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