Essay on unsustainable development

Short Essay on Unsustainable Development Article shared by Unsustainable development or growth is one in which social issues of life do not progress in a healthy and ethical style. As globalisation in its current form increases, so too unsustainable development that it seems to prescribe. There is abundant evidence that the version of modernity demonstrated in current globalization trends neglects scientific evidence and tradition in equal measure.

Essay on unsustainable development

Short Essay on Unsustainable Development

Sustainable Development Essay Sustainable Development Essay The concept of sustainable development first emerged on the international stage inwhen the United Nations sponsored the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment. This conference was, in part, an outgrowth of the global environmental movement.

It was the first global conference to focus on the growing impact of humanity on the environment and the need to protect and preserve biospheric integrity to produce sustained improvement in living conditions for all. Although the term was not stated explicitly, the Stockholm Declaration laid the foundation for global environmental governance and brought the concept of sustainable development to the international lexicon.

The term sustainable development was popularized inwhen the World Commission on Environment and Development, also known as the Brundtland Commission, released the report Our Common Future.

This report provides the most frequently cited definition of sustainable development. More broadly, this definition highlights two fundamental themes inherent in the concept of sustainable development. First, sustainable development emphasizes the integration of social, economic, and environmental policy.

As action in one policy area affects other policy areas, sustainable development requires a holistic approach to economic, environmental, and social policy development and implementation. For example, environmental policies must protect natural resources and ecological systems yet still promote economic and social development.

Social policies should address issues such as health and education, so that the economy and environment remain fit. Economic policies should address social issues such as poverty and inequality and promote trade and industry that encourages social and environmental health.

Second, sustainable development requires intergovernmental and intersectoral cooperation that traverses traditional geopolitical boundaries.

Essay on unsustainable development

The full range of environmental, economic, social, and other issues that impact sustainable development cannot be addressed by a single organization but rather depend upon the engagement of numerous organizations at all levels of government and in all sectors of society working in concert with each other.

Thus, to achieve sustainable development, international, national, subnational, and regional governments must work in partnership, as well as with private and nongovernmental organizations.

Although the conference had several notable achievements, it is perhaps best known for the creation of Agenda 21 and the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development. Agenda 21 emphasizes the need to foster cooperation, coordination, and collaboration among the numerous agencies and actors involved in sustainable development and to develop strategic links and integration among major sustainable development initiatives.

To do so, it calls for the establishment of National Councils for Sustainable Development to operate as focal points or mechanisms to oversee the coordination and implementation of the Earth Summit agreements at the national level.

Essay on unsustainable development

Agenda 21 also calls for broad public participation in decision making and implementation as a prerequisite of sustainable development.

It recognizes nine major groups of civil society from whom participation is needed: The Rio Declaration puts forth 27 general principles agreed upon through a series of difficult and significant compromises among industrialized and developing countries.

Although the principles are general, many have become core elements in international law. Likewise, principle 3 recognizes the right to development, while principle 4 requires environmental protection as an integral part of development.

Each of these efforts is further supported by principle 27, which calls for nations to cooperate to develop further the international law in the field of sustainable development.

Participants of this conference reaffirmed their commitment to the Stockholm and Rio Declarations and to full implementation of Agenda The conference produced a political declaration, the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation, and a range of partnership initiatives.

Today, sustainable development is a major component of international law, affecting environmental, trade, renewable and nonrenewable resources, human rights, social, and other international agreements. Numerous areas fall within the scope of sustainable development, including but not limited to agriculture, atmosphere, biodiversity, climate change and ozone depletion, consumption and production patterns, debt service and restructuring, demographics, disaster reduction and management, education, energy, finance, forests, hazardous waste, health, human settlements, industry, land management, oceans and seas, poverty, sanitation, solid waste, technology, toxic chemicals and waste, trade, transportation, and water.

With such breadth, sustainable development is intrinsically complex and complicated. From Global Policy to Local Action. United Nations Division of Sustainable Development. United Nations Environment Programme. World Commission on Environment and Development.

This example Sustainable Development Essay is published for educational and informational purposes only. If you need a custom essay or research paper on this topic please use our writing services.Unsustainable development or growth is one in which social issues of life do not progress in a healthy and ethical style.

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Sustainable Development and Businesses Essay Words | 5 Pages. extensive attention within society, sustainable development is acknowledged by the majority to mean ‘development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’ (Commission ).

This essay argues that sustainable development is the answer to the world’s environmental and economic problems.

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Its purpose is to outline my understanding of sustainable development and to discuss what the authors Ede (), Collier () and Monbiot () have contributed to it. Essay on unsustainable development. 5 stars based on reviews Essay. Best introduction essay about myself youtube inspirasyon essay writing isoelastische nachfrage beispiel essay dissertation danksagung englisch space exploration essay against capital punishment vivian gornick essays on love irresponsible.

Sustainable Development essaysIn the last decades the environmental status of our earth has been in the news frequently. The greenhouse impact, the depletion of natural resources, the diminishing biodiversity and the unprecedented rate of species extinction all point out that the status is not as he.

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