Do flexible work timings increase the morale and motivation level of employees

If an Employee is making difficult occupation so these flexible work Time Motivate Him that After making Rest he can go on his work.

Do flexible work timings increase the morale and motivation level of employees

This story first appeared on Women 2. All the while, millions of Americans choose to work part-time jobs so they can have more control over their work and personal lives. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 20 million Americans actively choose part-time work.

For example, they may be college or graduate students who need time to complete assignments. Some part-time employees juggle family obligations, and others are semi-retired. However, one-third of this demographic - roughly 6 million Americans - choose part-time work so they can follow their passions.

These workers want to design their own careers. Many are young and college-educated, and they want work that will cater to their lifestyle, which is largely in flux. Among this population, the common denominator is simple: Inflexible hours, especially combined with low wages, place demands on employees that leave them starved for time, both for themselves and for their families.

Spending more than 20 hours awake has the same impact on bodily and mental function as consuming five or six alcoholic drinks. The statistics also show a much more insidious problem: As a result, the economy suffers. Decreased workplace productivity accounts for a staggering 72 percent of the loss.

If you still need convincing, read on for some more reasons to switch to flextime. Employees also save money they would otherwise spend on gas, public transit or going out to lunch.

Do flexible work timings increase the morale and motivation level of employees

If the work can still get done, what may seem like small cost savings ultimately make a huge difference. Consider these ideas for restructuring the way you work your startup. The bottom line is that tangible results are the goal. Many employees find it helps tremendously when they can complete tasks efficiently, but in their own way.

Oct 15, More from Inc.14 In my opinion more time spent with the family may increase my motivation level at work. 15 I found that the implementation of SWH provides more time .

Boosting Employee Morale Increases Productivity

Maybe you suspect that you may have a problem with low morale because employees are exhibiting signs of low morale or because a survey that you've done of your employees indicates it.

If this is the case, you need to determine which aspects of your workplace are creating the dissatisfaction with the job and find ways to remedy them.

The employees clearly have high morale and engagement, people don’t own the work they do, aren’t involved in a meaningful way, don’t feel respected and trusted, and don’t feel they personally influence The Morale and Motivation Myth No Strings Attached!.

Aug 29,  · Employees simply having the knowledge of support systems is enough to boost morale, but employers can go the extra mile by being willing to provide realistic and flexible work .

Employees who do their work at home at least two days a week on a computer that is linked to their office.

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The spread of telecommuting. The U.S. Department of the Census estimated there had been a 25% increase in self-employed home-based workers from to , and a 20% increase in employed workers who work exclusively from home.

Even though more and more Americans choose part-time work, the percentage of employers offering flexible work has increased only minimally in the past decade -; from about 4 to 5 percent.

Do flexible work timings increase the morale and motivation level of employees
Flexible working: a tool to increase motivation and employees retention