Buchmeiser recent progress metathesis polymerization

Organometallics Volume 32 Issue 19 pp: October 3, DOI: The facile reaction between the monoinsertion product and ethylene then allows these complexes to be catalyts for the ring-opening cross-metathesis ethenolysis of DCMNBD and DCMNBE 2,3-dicarbomethoxynorbornene with minimal formation of polymer. Townsend ; Richard R.

Buchmeiser recent progress metathesis polymerization

This is possibly a result of the different relative concentrations of the reagents — i. It should also be noted that exo-TMSNb exhibited a significantly higher polymerization rate compared to the other exo monomers which was attributed to the less bulky pendent group and suggests that relative reaction rates could be easily tuned by adjusting the steric bulk of the endo and exo monomers.

Buchmeiser recent progress metathesis polymerization

Nevertheless, the polymerization of the exo monomers was over 30 times faster than that of the auxiliary monomer indicating the successful synthesis of a multifunctional precision polymer through sequential monomer addition.

Conclusions To conclude, we have demonstrated the synthesis of polymers via ROMP with the ability to easily and relatively accurately control the position of functional moieties on the polymer chain, by taking advantage of the vastly different kinetics of endo- and exo-norbornenes.

It was shown that when adding exo monomer in small, defined batches to the auxiliary endo polymerization, the presence of both monomers had little effect on their respective reactivity as the endo-norbornene was consumed 30— times slower than the exo-norbornene during their copolymerization. The accuracy of the monomer addition was investigated by sequentially inserting an exo-norbornene bearing a UV-active functionality into a growing endo chain at the desired polymerization conversions.

In addition, we have successfully synthesized a polymer containing four different functionalities at relatively known positions on the backbone.

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We believe that any isomerically pure norbornenes that can undergo ROMP can be used as building blocks for the synthesis of precision polymers following this method, expanding the library of possible precision polymers.

As ROMP is simple to carry out, can be performed with a range of monomer functionalities, results in a homogeneous backbone and is entirely kinetically driven, we believe that this work complements the precision polymer strategy followed by the Lutz group in leading to a new class of materials with programmable compositions.

Some of the equipment used in this research was obtained through Birmingham Science City with support from Advantage West Midlands and partially funded by the European Regional Development Fund. Notes and references a N. Du Prez and A. Additional characterization data is included.Ring-opening metathesis polymerization-derived monolithic anion exchangers for the fast separation of double-stranded DNA fragments Said H.

Lubbad, Michael R.

Buchmeiser recent progress metathesis polymerization

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Molybdenum and Tungsten Imido Alkylidene Complexes as Efficient Olefin-Metathesis Catalysts.

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Synthesis and ring-opening metathesis polymerization of [97] Xenidou M, Hadjichristidis N. Synthesis of model multigraft norbornene-terminated syndiotactic polypropylene.

copolymers of butadiene with randomly placed single and double Macromolecules ;– Among them, metathesis polymerization of alkynes [1,2,3] and ring opening metathesis polymerization (ROMP) of cycloolefins [4,5,6] yield unsaturated polymeric materials and are considered as two of the most important tools in polymer chemistry, leading to the synthesis of novel materials.

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From the reviews: This two-volume set is an excellent starting point for readers planning to enter the rapidly progressing and growing field of surface-initiated polymerization (SIP) as well as for experts who wish to keep up with recent developments and trends.

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