B2b and b2c marketing strategies

JonPavoni Insiders 5 Min Read As B2B marketers, we have the difficult job of trying to create memorable brands with sometimes less-than-memorable products. Additionally, we must balance this goal with the constant need to fuel sales reps with high-quality leads. These competing priorities can be hard to manage for any marketing executive.

B2b and b2c marketing strategies

Although general marketing concepts apply to all marketing strategies, there are important differences.

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In the next few paragraphs I will answer a frequently asked question regarding key similarities and differences between B2C, B2B, and B2G marketing.

Click below to never miss an update! B2C Marketing B2C, or business-to-consumer marketing, takes place when a business—such as a grocery, storefront retail store, an online consumer legal services, or an online medical information organization—markets their products or services to the public.

A similarity between B2C, B2B, and B2G is that as marketers we are always developing communications directed to people.

B2C, B2B, and B2G: Key Similarities and Differences

A key difference is the focus on the particular role of the person. B2C marketers are marketing to the consumer, as contrasted with B2B marketers marketing to the business decision maker or influencer, and B2G marketers marketing to the government contracting officer or representative, or government program manager.

Through advertising, direct and Internet selling and marketing, and things like discounts, coupons and loyalty programs, B2C marketers work to convince customers and prospective customers to purchase their products and services.

B2C marketers sell to individuals within huge populations. Of course, not every product is going to appeal to every consumer in one population. Therefore, B2C marketers use tools to segment their market into multiple target markets. B2C marketers conduct marketing research to better understand consumers of certain age groups, gender, income, place of residence, and other demographic and psychographic categories regarding their needs and buying behaviors.

By understanding key target populations, B2C marketers learn how to sell products and services more effectively to consumers. If a brand has a good reputation, consumers, businesses, and government agencies are more likely to purchase that brand.

B2B Marketing B2B marketing takes place when a business sells its products and services to other businesses. B2B marketing includes marketing to businesses that conduct business for a profit and to those organizations that have a non-profit charter.

Similar to B2C marketing, some B2B purchases are critical needs, while others are discretionary purchases.

B2b and b2c marketing strategies

In the business world, there are many stakeholders in the purchasing process, including those that influence, recommend, and have authority to order a purchase. Similar to B2C, B2B marketers conduct marketing research to segment their market and develop marketing communications focused on the needs and wants of the target audience.

Possible B2B segments include industry sectors, business size small, medium, largeand common needs such as agency knowledge of compliance regulations.

B2G Marketing B2G marketing refers to businesses that sell their goods and services to government agencies. A major difference as compared to B2B and B2C is that in the B2G model, companies generally respond to requirements published by a certain government entity through a structured bidding process.

B2b and b2c marketing strategies

This bidding process can take place online in real time and can be highly competitive. B2G sales and marketing is sometime referred to as public sector marketing. The buying cycle for B2G can be quite long—measured in years, as compared to several months for B2B, or a day to several weeks for B2C.

The B2G marketer must understand and comply with bid specifications, compliance regulations, and applicable laws. The bidding process can vary significantly between local, state, and federal government entities.

Marketing consists of messaging to people. Marketers must know their customers or clients, how to segment the market into meaningful audience groups, and how to reach the target audience with informational and promotional messages.

Marketers must build and nurture their brand. The focus on a particular role of the person: B2C marketers market to the person as consumer; B2B marketers market to the person as a business decision maker or influencer; B2G marketers market to the person as a government contracting officer or representative, or government program manager.

Unlike B2C and B2B marketing, in the B2G marketing model businesses generally respond to requirements published by a certain government entity through a public, structured bidding process.

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Business to consumer (B2C), business to business (B2B), and business to government (B2G) are three common types of marketing strategies. As a marketing agency CATMEDIA helps clients with all three types of marketing strategies. This is especially true when you compare business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) companies; your target market, sales cycle, and product complexity differ, which ultimately leads to different marketing strategies.

Purchase motivation is different with B2C and B2B marketing. Learn how to provide information they need in order to make the decision to purchase. Your most effective marketing strategies will focus on the results and the benefits that your product or service will bring to them.

Your business-to-consumer market purchase more on emotion. Marketing Strategies.

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Different marketing tactics are used in B2B and B2C, although the methods of advertising, promotions and publicity are the same. If the final customer is a business, it won't. Apr 06,  · Successful marketing strategies for B2B and B2C markets are very different.

A strategic content marketing campaign is an essential part of modern marketing efforts - inbound and outbound - .

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