An introduction to the issue of violence in school systems

By Tim Walker According to a recent article published by the American Psychological Association APA80 percent of teachers surveyed were victimized at school at least once in the current school year or prior year.

An introduction to the issue of violence in school systems

Definition[ edit ] There is no universal definition of school bullying; however, it is widely agreed that bullying is a subcategory of aggressive behavior characterized by the following three minimum criteria: Gender inequality and the prevalence of violence against women in society exacerbate the problem.

Similarly, social norms that support the authority of teachers over children may legitimise the use of violence to maintain discipline and control.

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If unchecked, gender discrimination and power imbalances in schools can encourage attitudes and practices that subjugate children, uphold unequal gender norms and tolerate violence, including corporal punishment.

Thornberg and Knutsen state in their study, "School attributing refers to attributing the cause of bullying to the school setting. Boredom in school involves a student who does not have anything else to do other than bully. Poor antibullying practices may include teachers and staff not caring enough to intervene, or a school not having enough teachers for students.

This may lead to the students feeling unwanted or unimportant due to the lack of care from the school's staff. For example, physical and sexual violence may be more prevalent in schools in contexts where it is also more prevalent in wider society.

Studies suggest that sexual violence and harassment of girls is worse in schools where other forms of violence are prevalent, and in conflict and emergency contexts, [7] and that gang violence is more common in schools where gangs, weapons and drugs are part of the local culture.

Exploring the Contributions of Childhood Negative Life Experiences in Predicting Adolescent Bullying Behavior," Connell, Morris and Piquero identify three primary aspects of a child's life- family, school and peers- as major indicators to whether or not that child exhibits behavior akin to bullying.

The best way to address bullying is to stop it before it starts.

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There are many different groups that can intervene to address bullying and cyberbullying in schools: There are no federal mandates for bullying curricula or staff training.

In addition to addressing bullying before it occurs, a great prevention strategy is to educate the students on bullying. Internet or library research, such as looking up types of bullying, how to prevent it, and how kids should respond Presentations, such as a speech or role-play on stopping bullying Discussions about topics like reporting bullying Creative writing, such as a poem speaking out against bullying or a story or skit teaching bystanders how to help Artistic works, such as a collage about respect or the effects of bullying Classroom meetings to talk about peer relations [11] Effects[ edit ] A victim, in the short term, may feel depressedanxious, angry, have excessive stresslearned helplessnessfeel as though their life has fallen apart, have a significant drop in school performance, or may commit suicide bullycide.

In the long term, they may feel insecurelack trustexhibit extreme sensitivity hypervigilantor develop a mental illness such as psychopathyavoidant personality disorder or PTSD. They may also desire vengeancesometimes leading them to torment others in return.

Among these participants alcohol and substance abuse are commonly seen later in life. Bystanders who witness repeated victimizations of peers can experience negative effects similar to the victimized children themselves.

Violence and bullying at the hands of teachers or other students may make children and adolescents afraid to go to school and interfere with their ability to concentrate in class or participate in school activities.

It can also have similar effects on bystanders. This in turn has an adverse impact on academic achievement and attainment and on future education and employment prospects. Children and adolescents who are victims of violence may achieve lower grades and may be less likely to anticipate going on to higher education.

Analyses of international learning assessments highlight the impact of bullying on learning outcomes.

These analyses clearly show that bullying reduces students' achievement in key subjects, such as mathematics, and other studies have documented the negative impact of school violence and bullying on educational performance.

Unsafe learning environments create a climate of fear and insecurity and a perception that teachers do not have control or do not care about the students, and this reduces the quality of education for all. Involvement in school bullying can be a predictor of future antisocial and criminal behaviour.

Being bullied is also linked to a heightened risk of eating disorders and social and relationship difficulties.

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One study of all children born in England, Scotland and Wales during one week in analyzes data on 7, children who had been bullied at ages 7 and At age 50, those who had been bullied as children were less likely to have obtained school qualifications and less likely to live with a spouse or partner or to have adequate social support.

They also had lower scores on word memory tests designed to measure cognitive IQ even when their childhood intelligence levels were taken into account and, more often reported, that they had poor health. The effects of bullying were visible nearly four decades later, with health, social and economic consequences lasting well into adulthood.

For children, "peers are a much more important influence than has been realised. It is a terrible thing to be excluded by your peers". It was discovered that the average high school student hears about 25 anti-gay remarks a day.

According to the journal Evolutionary Psychological Science, victims of bullying are more likely to be sexually inactive compared to bullies.

With bullying each individual has a role to defend. These children will react aggressively but tend to never be the ones to attack first.

There have been two subtypes created in bully classification; popular aggressive and unpopular aggressive. Popular aggressive bullies are social and do not encounter a great deal of social stigma from their aggression.

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Unpopular aggressive bullies, however, are most often rejected by other students and use aggression to seek attention.

Bullying behavior in perpatrators is shown to decrease with age. This suggests that positive social relationships reduce the likelihood of bullying.

An introduction to the issue of violence in school systems

This trend is most evident in adolescents diagnosed with depressionanxietyor ADHD.Introduction 5 In schools specifically, one of the four key judgements that Dealing with gang or youth violence issues in an area is a shared responsibility for the community and partner agencies.

Schools • manage an ‘alert’ system on local problems that may. The first step in preventing school violence is to understand the extent and nature of the problem. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S. Department of Education, and the U.S. Department of Justice gather and analyze data from a variety of sources to gain a more complete.

This can lead to re-arrest and re-incarceration, jeopardizing public health and public safety and taxing criminal justice system resources.

Treatment is the most effective course for interrupting the drug abuse/criminal justice cycle for offenders with drug abuse problems. School bullying is a widespread issue that effects youths seriously in three aspects of their lives: home, school, and friends. Believe it or not bullying is believed to be a normal part of school life; however, when people begin.

is that violence against women and girls takes place in all countries, in homes, workplaces, schools and communities (3). The impact of this global epidemic is far reaching. Mar 16,  · The recent school shooting rampage in Ohio has once again focused national attention on the issue of student violence.

But experts say such high-profile incidents overshadow an .

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