An introduction to the history of new jerseys constitution

Concession and Agreement Concession and Agreement was a legal document that guaranteed rights; including, but not only, religious freedom. It served as the basic governing document of the colony of New Jersey. Although the document is most commonly recognized as an enticement for settlers, it is in the basic form of any colonial charter or constitution, and guarantees such rights.

An introduction to the history of new jerseys constitution

Colonial period[ edit ] The Dutch West India Company introduced slavery in with the importation of eleven black slaves to New Amsterdamcapital of the nascent province of New Netherland. They worked as farmers, fur tradersand builders. They were admitted to the Dutch Reformed Church and married by its ministers, who also baptized their children.

While enslaved Africans could be admitted to the Church, the church itself did not prohibit their enslavement.

An introduction to the history of new jerseys constitution

In fact, the Church did not even find that enslavement sinful. Some were permitted to work after hours, when they earned wages equal to those paid to white workers. When the colony fell, the company freed all its slaves, establishing early on a nucleus of free negros.

Eager to attract more settlers and laborers to develop the colony, the proprietorship encouraged the importation of slaves for labor by offering settlers headrightsan award of allocations of land based on the number of workers, slaves or indentured servants, imported to the colony.

The slave trade was a royal monopoly and had become a lucrative enterprise.

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This code prohibited the owning of property for not only slaves, but also free African Americans as well. In addition, it made certain actions illegal for African Americans, like staying out past curfew, that were not illegal for European Americans. The British Crown promised slaves freedom for leaving their rebel masters to join their cause.

The number of blacks in New York rose to 10, as slaves escaped there from both northern and southern masters after the British occupied the city. The British kept their promise and evacuated thousands of freedmen from New York, resettling 3, Black Loyalists in its colony of Nova Scotia and others in the Caribbean islands.

Slaves were generally used for agricultural labor, but they also filled skilled artisan jobs in shipyards and industry in coastal cities. Abolition of slavery[ edit ] Following the Revolutionary War, New Jersey banned the importation of slaves inbut at the same time forbade free blacks from elsewhere from settling in the state.

Some people of color left the areas where they had been enslaved and moved to more frontier areas. Since slaves were widely used in agriculture, as well as the ports, the New Jersey state legislature was the last in the North to abolish slavery, passing a law in for its gradual abolition.

African Americans born to slave mothers after July 4, had to serve lengthy apprenticeships to the owners of their mothers. Women were freed at 21, but men were not emancipated until the age of By two-thirds of the slaves remaining in the North were held by masters in New Jersey, as New York had freed the last of its slaves in under gradual abolition.

It was not until that New Jersey abolished slavery, but it qualified it by redefining former slaves as apprentices who were "apprenticed for life" to their masters. According to James Gigantino, during the early nineteenth century in New Jersey, there were more female than male slaves.

After the passage of the Act of Gradual Abolition in New Jersey ina greater number of advertisements in the state for the full-title sale of female slaves of child-bearing age were published. However, domestic skills and labor also affected the value and marketability of female slaves.The history of American football can be traced to early versions of rugby football and association games have their origin in varieties of football played in Britain in the midth century, in which a football is kicked at a goal or kicked over a line, which in turn were based on the varieties of English public school football games.

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Individual Biographies of the Delegates to the Constitutional Convention

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Nearly the whole of Harry J. Podmore’s life was devoted to the investigation and writing of Trenton area history. The state of New Jersey has an illustrious musical history, but it is often overshadowed by its much larger and more widely respected neighbour, New York.

The Story of New Jersey [database on-line].

An introduction to the history of new jerseys constitution

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